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Library Materials (Sole Source)
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Varies - Please See List Below
July 01, 2019 to June 30, 2024
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State Institutions of Higher Education require the purchase of learning, teaching and research related subscriptions, periodicals, archival and related items that coincide with objectives developed by university departments and their professors.This need will be for an indefinite quantity based upon actual university need. The estimated value represents a forecast based upon prior fiscal year expenditures.

Each learning experience requires specific materials that provide information that coincides with the educational goals outlines by university departments and their professors. Each publisher uses their own copyrighted material that is not available from alternative suppliers. The vendors listed below are the only vendors who are able to satisfy the state university's requirements and guarantee quantity when the need arises.


Vendor Bulletin #
American Association for Advancement of Science 2001LBM
American Chemical Society 2002LBM
American College of Physicians 2003LBM
Bureau of National Affairs 2004LBM
CCH Inc. 2005LBM
Cengage Learning 2006LBM
Chemical Abstract 2007LBM
Copyright Clearance  2008LBM
Cox Subscriptions 2009LBM
Ebsco 2010LBM
Elsevier, Inc. 2011LBM
GeoScienceWorld 2012LBM
Gold Standard Inc 2013LBM
Greater Western Library Alliance inc. 2014LBM
Harrassowitz 2015LBM
HF Group LLC 2016LBM
Hilton Publishing  2017LBM
Illinois Heartland Library System 2018LBM
Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers 2019LBM
John Wiley & Sons Inc 2020LBM
Lexis Nexis Mathew Bender 2022LBM
Massachusetts Medical Society 2023LBM
Mathews Medical & Scientific Books 2024LBM
McGraw-Hill 2025LBM
Midwest Library Service 2026LBM
MyJove Corporation 2027LBM
Newsbank 2029LBM
Online Computer Library Center DBA OCLC 2030LBM
Ovid Technologies Inc 2031LBM
Pearson Education Incorporated 2032LBM
Proquest 2033LBM
Sage Publications Incorporated 2034LBM
Springer Nature Customer Service, LLC  2035LBM
Standard & Poors 2036LBM
Thompson Reuters 2037LBM
Thompson Reuters West 2038LBM
Thomson Scientific now Clarivate Analytics 2039LBM
William S Hein 2040LBM
Yankee Book Peddler 2041LBM

Vendor Extended to Other Community Colleges
Varies - Please See List Above No

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