Title Solicitation # Date View Details
<b>AGB Search Commodity Landing Page<b> View Details
<b>CDW Commodity Landing Page<b> View Details
<b>Deere & Company Commodity Landing Page<b> View Details
<b>Dell Commodity Landing Page<b> View Details
<b>GovConnection, Inc.<b> View Details
<b>HP Inc. Commodity Landing Page<b> View Details
<b>Johnson Controls Commodity Landing Page<b> View Details
<b>Medline Commodity Landing Page<b> View Details
<b>Pace Commodity Landing Page<b> View Details
<b>Shaw Industries, Inc. Commodity Landing Page<b> View Details
<b>SHI Commodity Landing Page<b> View Details
<b>Southeast Service Corporation Commodity Landing Page<b> View Details
Advertising Solutions - Sheltered Market IPHEC2142 View Details
Agricultural Tractors with Related Supplies and Equipment (Sourcewell Award) 2007GAL View Details
Amazon Web Services (Sole Source) IPHEC1904 View Details
Apple Products, Software, and Maintenance (Sole Source) IPHEC2014 View Details
Arthur Gallagher Commodity Landing Page View Details
Athletic Surfacing w/Related Materials, Supplies, Installation and Services (Sourcewell Award) 2206GAL View Details
Athletic, Physical Education Supplies, Team Uniforms (OMNIA Award) 2110GAL View Details
Audio Visual Equipment, Accessories, and Services IPHEC2131 View Details
B2B Marketplace Platform IPHEC2015 View Details
Background Checks (CICPC Award) 1AHB1601 View Details
Background Checks (E&I Award) 181ALC View Details
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (Sole Source) IPHEC2021 View Details
Budget Furniture (E&I Award) 196ALC View Details
Building & Construction Management (E&I Award) IPHEC1604 View Details
Building Automation Systems, HVAC, HVAC-R, Equipment, Supplies, & Service (E&I Award) IPHEC1806 View Details
Car Rental Services (CICPC Award) 10003-121012-BT (published to View Details
Carpet Tile & Broadloom MEC202 View Details
Cloud and Software Study Abroad Solutions (Sole Source) IPHEC2210 View Details
Coil Cleaning & Hygienic Restoration for HVAC Equipment (E&I Award) IPHEC1907 View Details
Collection Agency Services 6176-IPHEC View Details
College Board (Sole Source) IPHEC2308 View Details
Commercial and Residential Relocation Management (E&I Award) IPHEC2023 View Details
Commercial Card Services R087176 View Details
Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Related Supplies (E&I Award) 195ALC View Details
Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Related Supplies (E&I) 1812ALC View Details
Computer Components, Networking, Supplies & Service IPHEC2011 View Details
Computer Equipment & Related Hardware, Software, Service, & Support (E&I Award) IPHEC1701 View Details
Computing Hardware and Related Services (MHEC Award) 185GAL View Details
Copiers, Printers, and Multi-Function Devices with Related Supplies, Accessories, and Services (Sourcewell Award) 2203GAL View Details
Creative Services for Marketing and Promotion IPHEC2201 View Details
Custodial Services - Outsourcing (E&I Award) 1912ALC View Details
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software IPHEC2109 View Details
Digital Imaging (E&I Award) 186ALC View Details
Document and Information Lifecycle Services (OMNIA Award) 2211GAL View Details
eCommerce Catering Services (E&I Award) IPHEC2134 View Details
Educational Software Solutions and Services (OMNIA Award) 2011GAL View Details
Electrical Supplies, Equipment, (Install)Services IPHEC2020 View Details
Electronic Procurement System - (E&I Award) 1916ALC View Details
Elevator, Escalator and Walkway Maintenance and Modernization Services and Related Solutions (OMNIA Award) 2306GAL View Details
Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walkways, Maintenance, & Service (E&I Award) IPHEC1711 View Details
End User Computing & Peripherals, Device Lifecycle Management, and Associated Services (MHEC Award) IPHEC2207 View Details
Eprocurement System & Services (E&I Award) 2213GAL View Details
Equipment Maintenance and Management Services (E&I Award) 185ALC View Details
Equipment Rental (E&I Award) IPHEC1710 View Details
Ergonomic and Sustainable Furniture (Sole Source) IPHEC2026 View Details
ERP Software, Systems, and Services IPHEC1807 View Details
Event Seating & Staging Solutions with Services (Sourcewell Award) 2108GAL View Details
Executive Search Firms IPHEC2102 View Details
Exercise, Fitness, and Rehabilitation Equipment with Related Accessories, Services, and Installation IPHEC2030 View Details
Express Courier & Ground Delivery Logistics (Sourcewell Award) 2207GAL View Details
Express Package & Delivery Related Services (E&I Award) IPHEC1805 View Details
Fabric Structures w/Related Materials and Services 2010GAL View Details
Facilities Maintenance Services (E&I Award) 1913ALC View Details
Facilities Management & Products Solutions (OMNIA Award) 1821GAL View Details
Facility Security Systems, Equipment & Software with Related Services (Sourcewell Adoption) 2208GAL View Details
Fee Management & Online Payment Portal Solution (Sourcewell Award) 2104GAL View Details
Fleet & Automotive Parts and Services (E&I Award) IPHEC1810 View Details
Fleet Leasing Services (E&I Award) IPHEC1602 View Details
Flooring Materials w/Related Supplies & Services (Sourcewell Award) 2102GAL View Details
Food RFPV13 View Details
Food and Food Service Products JMT201707 View Details
Furniture, Accessories, Installation and Related Services IPHEC1905 View Details
Furniture, Installation, & Related Services (OMNIA Award) 2103GAL View Details
Gases, Welding Supplies & Support Services (E&I Award) 163ALC View Details
General Merchandise Purchases (Sole Source) IPHEC2209 View Details
Graduation Commencement Products IPHEC2137 View Details
Grounds Maintenance Equipment (Sourcewell Award) 2210GAL View Details
Grounds Maintenance, Parts, Accessories, Service (OMNIA Award) 1819GAL View Details
Grounds-keeping Materials - Fertilizer, Pesticide, Herbicide, Grass Seed (OMNIA Award) 2006GAL View Details
HVAC Equipment, Installation, Services & Related Products (OMNIA Award) 2107GAL View Details
Inbound and Outbound Small Package Freight Management Services (E&I Award) IPHEC2013 View Details
Incident Response, Security Assessment, & Digital Forensic Services IPHEC2110 View Details
Indoor & Outdoor Sustainable Furnishings (E&I Award) 1911ALC View Details
Indoor/Outdoor Graphics/Exhibits, Displays w/Design, Installation, & Related Services IPHEC2208 View Details
Information Technology Recruiting & Professional Services IPHEC2140 View Details
Interim Executive Placement IPHEC1914 View Details
IT Managed Integration Services & Staff Augmentation (E&I Award) 1910ALC View Details
Janitorial Products, Equipment, Services and other Related Products IPHEC2202 View Details
Job Order Contracting (JOC) - (E&I Award) IPHEC1708 View Details
KFA, Inc. (Sole Source) IPHEC2003 View Details
Kristine Fallon Associates (KFA) (Sole Source) IPHEC2303 View Details
Lab Supplies 1AHB1605a View Details
Laboratory Equipment, Instruments, Accessories, Supplies, and Maintenance (E&I Award) IPHEC1605 View Details
Laboratory Supplies and Services IPHEC1809 View Details
Laboratory Supplies and Services (E&I Award) IPHEC1801 View Details
Landscaping Services - Outsourcing & Staff Augmentation (E&I Award) 1914ALC View Details
Law Enforcement Equipment (NPPGov Award) 2301GAL View Details
Learning Management Software (E&I Award) IPHEC1803 View Details
Learning Management Software (OMNIA Award) 2205GAL View Details
Learning Management System IPHEC2008 View Details
Lecture Hall and Auditorium Furniture 2200GAL View Details
Legal Services IPHEC2009 View Details
Library Materials (Sole Source) Varies - Please See List Below View Details
Licensed Insurance Brokerage Services INSUREFY18R View Details
Licensed Insurance Brokerage Services For Property IPHEC2101 View Details
Life Science Catalog Products 1SLD205 View Details
Maintenance, Repair, Operating Supplies, Industrial Supplies, & Related Products (OMNIA Award) 188GAL View Details
Maintenenace, Repair, and Operation (MRO) Supplies and Other Related Products & Services (E&I Award) IPHEC1921 View Details
Mattresses, Hospitality Supplies and Related Services IPHEC2141 View Details
Max-Grad by Lexicon Networks (Sole Source) IPHEC2017 View Details
Medical Supply Solutions (Sourcewell) 2300GAL View Details
Medical Surgical Products & Equipment- Medline (E&I Award) 172ALC View Details
Mercer Health and Benefits, LLC (Sole Source) IPHEC2001 View Details
Merchant Processing Services 2212GAL View Details
Microcomputer Systems, Products & Services D1702TMS View Details
Microcomputers 1JLJ703 View Details
Microcomputers (Lenovo) 1SLE1402 View Details
Microscopes and Optical Accessories 1SLE1601 View Details
Mobile/Portable Event Furniture (E&I Award) IPHEC1707 View Details
Monterrey Security (Sole Source) IPHEC2016 View Details
Move-In and Move out Student Services (Sole Source) IPHEC2214 View Details
Multifunction Security Lighting (Sole Source) IPHEC2212 View Details
Natural Gas Supply IPHEC1918 View Details
Natural Gas Supply IPHEC2200 View Details
New & Used Textbooks 174ALC View Details
Office Supplies & Related Services IPHEC2010 View Details
Online College Application (Sole Source) IPHEC2136 View Details
Online Hosted Training Software (Sole Source) IPHEC2129 View Details
Online Proctoring & Anti-Plagiarism Software Solutions & Integration Services (E&I Award) IPHEC2106 View Details
Paint with Related Supplies, Equipment, and Services (Sourcewell Award) 2105GAL View Details
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance (Sole Source) IPHEC1915 View Details
Photographic Equipment, Supplies, & Services (E&I Award) IPHEC1917 View Details
Plumbing Equipment Supplies & Services (E&I Award) 173ALC View Details
Postage Meters (E&I Award) 165ALC View Details
Preferred Advertising Solutions IPHEC2125 View Details
Premium Office Furniture (E&I Award) IPHEC2135 View Details
Programmatic In-House IPHEC2019 View Details
Programs of Insurance (MHEC Award) 1814GAL View Details
Promotional Products IPHEC2215 View Details
Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Equipment (OMNIA Award) 2101GAL View Details
Recreational & Athletic Equipment, Supplies & Services (E&I Award) IPHEC1901 View Details
Renewable, Sustainable Furniture (E&I Award) IPHEC1706 View Details
Research and Advisory Services (Sole Source) IPHEC2218 View Details
Research and Advisory Subscription (Sole Source) IPHEC2219 View Details
Research and Insights Platform (Sole Source) IPHEC2217 View Details
Residence Life/Student Apartment Furnishings (E&I Award) 177ALC View Details
Retirement Plan Monitoring/Consulting Services 1JWS1804 View Details
Roofing Systems, Exterior Building Maintenance, Products, Supplies and Related Services (E&I Award) IPHEC2127 View Details
Scoreboards, Digital Displays, and Video Boards with Related Design Build Technology Integration, Installation, Supplies, and Services (Sourcewell Award) 2106GAL View Details
Scoreboards, Electronic Signs, Installation, Related Products and Services (OMNIA Award) 2014GAL View Details
Search Firm Services 1243 View Details
Security Services IPHEC2132 View Details
Security Services (E&I Award) IPHEC1705 View Details
Sigma Aldrich (Sole Source) IPHEC2012 View Details
Small Package Transportation Services 1RMM212 View Details
Smart Waste Systems (New) IPHEC2204 View Details
Social Media Advertising (Sole Source) Varies (Please See Below) View Details
Software & Software Related Services RM071017 View Details
Software and SaaS Solutions 2202GAL View Details
Solution for "Near Completors" (Sole Source) IPHEC2304 View Details
Spend Analysis of Procurement Card Program IPHEC2221 View Details
Sports Lighting with Related Supplies and Services (Sourcewell Award) 2005GAL View Details
Student Insurance Solutions (MHEC Award) IPHEC2124 View Details
Student Success Collaboration (Sole Source) IPHEC2222 View Details
Study Abroad & International Travel Insurance Services D1600TMS View Details
Subscription/Membership Agreement (Sole Source) IPHEC2216 View Details
Textbooks (Sole Source) Varies (see list below) View Details
Textbooks - Library Material Purchase (Sole Source) Varies (see list below) View Details
Touchnet Information System, Inc. (Sole Source) IPHEC2300 View Details
Travel Agency Services IPHEC2143 View Details
Treasury Consulting Services 1RMM1301 View Details
Turf Surfaces (E&I Award) IPHEC1802 View Details
Unified Communications, Contact Center, and Related Services, Equipment and Applications (Sourcewell Award) 2003GAL View Details
Vaccines, Antibiotics, OTC & Pharma Products - Medline (E&I Award) 171ALC View Details
Vehicle Rental and Mobility Services (E&I Award) IPHEC1916 View Details
Virtualization & Data Center Modernization (MHEC Award) IPHEC2028 View Details
Visual Display, Training Aid Products, & Supplies (E&I Award) 189ALC View Details
Workforce Management Systems, Products, and Services (OMNIA Award) 1822GAL View Details
Zoom Teleconferencing (Sole Source) IPHEC2211 View Details