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Solicitation Title: 
Electronic Procurement System (E&I Award)

Solicitation Number: 
December 6, 2018 to March 27, 2023
Renewal Information: 

no renewals

Brief Summary of Award: 

JAGGAER’s familiar, user-friendly online shopping experience delivers a multi-vendor e-procurement platform to meet member needs.

Contract Highlights:
  • Rather than simply managing transactions, procurement can drive enterprise spend management and advance its mission.
  • JAGGAER’s on-demand e-procurement software and the JAGGAER Supplier Network deliver a critical mass of suppliers in one centralized hub — so your staff gets exactly what they need through an easy-to-use e-procurement system.
  • E&I members are eligible to have up to 10 pre-selected E&I supplier catalogs enabled on their JAGGAER solution, free of charge.

JAGGAER’s strategic procurement solutions are modular, delivering a completely customized solution based on the member institution’s specific needs. JAGGAER augments existing procurement processes with automation solutions and supplier enablement. This can improve customer service and provide a 5–20% cost savings.

VendorExtended to Other Community Colleges

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Kayci Puckett