To support and advance the collective activities of public institutions of higher education in the State of Illinois as a means to improve management.




To encourage, promote, plan, develop, support, and provide increasing cooperation, coordination, and sharing between and among public institutions of higher education in the State of Illinois, in the utilization of their resources, facilities, and personnel, in order to strengthen, enrich, and improve the cost efficiency of their functions, activities, and operations.




Nancy Ufert-Fairless Retires 

After 35 years with SIUE and through countless changes, Nancy is set to retire April 30, 2017.


How many people can say they have spent their entire career with just one employer? I mean their ENTIRE career…from student worker to retirement.  Well, Nancy Ufert Fairless can. 

Read more about Nancy, here! 

About Us

The Illinois Public Higher Education Cooperative, “IPHEC” is a cooperative organization comprised of all thirteen public institutions of higher education. IPHEC members include University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, University of Illinois Chicago, University of Illinois Springfield, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Illinois State University, Chicago State University, Northeastern Illinois University, Governors State University, Northern Illinois University, Eastern Illinois University and Western Illinois University. Formed to advance the collective activities of the state’s public institutions primarily in the cooperative or group purchasing arena. Additionally, IPHEC serves to provide a common and collaborative voice on a wide variety of issues impacting the state universities including legislation, administrative rules, administrative policy and collaborative interaction with the states ethical oversight. IPHEC currently provides over thirty five award opportunities available to the state’s public higher education institutions, community colleges and the Illinois Math & Science Academy.

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