Treasury Consulting Services

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Treasury Consulting Services
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3, 2 year renewal options through 6/30/22

Brief Summary of Award

The purpose of this RFP to provide treasury consulting services on an “as needed” basis. The categories requiring consulting services include treasury operations administration, agricultural property services, capital financing, cash management, identification card (faculty/student/staff) credit/debit card processing services (merchant card services), risk management, investments services and tax services.

The awarded vendor, Treasury Strategies, Inc (TSI), will provide specific deliverables:

  • Benchmarking Comparisons of your processes and practices based on peer universities, TSI proprietary data, professional network benchmarks, and cross-industry best practices.
  • Best Practice Matrix to compare the University's current practices to TSI's defined best practice standards. The matrix will highlight strengths and weaknesses.
  • Written Assessment Report to describe findings, conclusions and recommendations for improvements.
  • Implementation and Sequencing Plan for implementing the recommendations and ideas TSI suggests.
  • RFP if TSI's assessment recommends an RFP, they will provide turnkey RFP services.
Vendor Extended to Other Community Colleges
Treasury Strategies, Inc. No

IPHEC Contact
Graham LaMontagne