Textbooks (Sole Source)

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Textbooks (Sole Source)
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Varies (see list below)
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Varies (see list below)
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Brief Summary of Award

State institutions of Higher Education required the purchase of new edition textbooks that coincide with learning objectives developed by university departments and their professors. These sole sources are for an indefinite quantity based upon the actual university need. There are 48 individual sole sources posted for new edition textbooks. Each class requires a specific textbook that provides information that coincides with the educational goals outlined by university departments and their professors. Each publisher uses their own copyrighted material that is not available from alternative suppliers. The vendors listed below are the only vendors who are able to satisfy the state universities textbook requirements and guarantee quantity when the need arises.

Vendor Bulletin #
Cambridge University 1901TXBK
Cengage Learning 1902TXBK
Elsevier Inc. 1903TXBK
McGraw-Hill (Georgia Holdings) 1904TXBK
Hayden-McNeil Publishing 1905TXBK
Holtzbrink Publishers LLC/MPS 1906TXBK
Ingram Publishers Services Inc./Perseus Distribution 1907TXBK
John Wiley & Sons Inc. 1908TXBK
Kendall Hunt Publishing Co. 1909TXBK
LAD Custom Publishing                                1910TXBK
MBS Textbook Exchange 1911TXBK
IndiCo  1912TXBK
Nebraska Book Company 1913TXBK
Oxford University Press, Inc                                1914TXBK
Pearson Education Inc. 1915TXBK
Penguin Random House 1916TXBK
Sage Publications Inc.                              1917TXBK
Springer Nature        1918TXBK
Taylor & Francis 1919TXBK
University of Chicago Press 1920TXBK
West Publishing 1921TXBK
Wolters Kluwer Law & Business                        1922TXBK
WW Norton & Co Inc. 1923TXBK
Stipes Publishing Co. 1957TXBK
American Assn For the The Advancement of Science 1924TXBK
American Chemical Society 1925TXBK
American College of Physicians 1926TXBK
Barnes & Noble 1927TXBK
Cox Subscriptions 1928TXBK
Gold Standard Inc. 1930TXBK
Massachusetts Medical Society 1935TXBK
Matthews Medical & Scientific Books 1936TXBK
Midwest Library Service 1937TXBK
Otto Harrassowitz KG 1940TXBK
Ovid Technologies Inc. 1941TXBK
ProQuest 1942TXBK
Standard & Poors Financial Services 1943TXBK
Thomson Reuters 1946TXBK
William S. Hein & Company 1947TXBK
Yankee Book Peddler 1948TXBK
Commerce Clearing House Inc. 1949TXBK
Macmillan Publishing 1950TXBK
Vista Higher Learning 1955TXBK
XanEdu Publishing Inc. 1956TXBK
VitalSource Technologies 1958TXBK
Vendor Extended to Other Community Colleges
48 (See List Above) No

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