Small Package Transportation Services

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Small Package Transportation Services
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2, 3 year renewal options through 12/31/20

Brief Summary of Award

The purpose of this RFP was to establish a supplier for small package delivery and transportation services for air (domestic and international) and domestic ground. The supplier was expected to furnish Air/Express Package Delivery Service, Ground Package Delivery Service and/or International Package Delivery Services.

The Awardee, UPS, is able to provide full-coverage of the contiguous United States for domestic air and small ground package service.

Supplies for Next Day Letters, Second Day Letters, tubes, boxes, and packs are provided at no additional cost.

UPS offers a web-based shipping system.

Note: This is an IPHEC award to UPS. There is also an E&I award available to FedEx. See "Express Package & Delivery Related Services (E&I Award)" for more details.

Vendor Extended to Other Community Colleges
United Parcel Service No

IPHEC Contact
Graham LaMontagne