Renewable, Sustainable Furniture (E&I Award)

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Renewable, Sustainable Furniture (E&I Award)
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Sauder Education award is active May 31, 2018 - November 30, 2027 with no more renewals.

Transformations award is active May 31, 2018 - October 31, 2027 with no more renewals.


Brief Summary of Award

Sauder Education proudly focuses on sustainability, reflecting this mission every step of the way, from material sourcing to internal processes and a renewable product line. Their products feature components that are easily replaced, extending the usable life of each item to limit waste and maximize the value of your purchase.

Contract Highlights:
  • Access to Sauder Education’s entire catalog of furniture solutions
  • Renewable, sustainable furniture that can be easily reconfigured to fit your needs
  • Extended usable life of furniture thanks to specialized designs that allow for easy component repairs and replacement
  • Products you need for: residence halls, student unions, dining areas, classrooms, and auditoriums


Transformations Furniture manufacturers and distributes a full line of upholstered lounge furniture designed to be fully renewable through a unique reupholstering method.

The Transformations Difference:

  • Easily remove and replace all components of a Transformations chair in minutes, on-site, with no special tools or training required. This patented construction is available across all product lines, not just a few.
  • High-quality construction, quick change functionality, and a 35-year warranty extends the life of products to 5 or even 7 cycles. This eliminates the costs associated with repairing or replacing your seating.

A Women Owned Small Business, Transformations boasts over 40 years of expertise in renewability, and is proud to meet all the criteria for being a truly renewable company.


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Vendor Extended to Other Community Colleges
Transformations Yes

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