Award Details

Solicitation Title: 
Travel Management Services (Online Booking Tool)

Solicitation Number: 
August 11, 2014 to June 30, 2021
Brief Summary of Award: 

The purpose of this RFP was to provide an online travel booking tool and related services.

The following are some of the services and benefits that the Awardee, CTP, provides:

  • travel services from a large airline, hotel, and car rental providers.
  • An online booking tool & associated training at no additional cost
  • Toll-free call center that is staffed 24/7/365
  • Emergency travel assistance
VendorExtended to Other Community Colleges
Corporate Travel Management (formerly Corporate Travel Planners, Inc.)YES


Corporate Travel Management acquired Corporate Travel Planners and will accept award, 1DGS1403, including all terms and conditions and amendments to the original RFP.

IPHEC Contact
Kayci Puckett