Mobile/Portable Event Furniture (E&I Award)

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Mobile/Portable Event Furniture (E&I Award)
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1, 5 year renewal

Brief Summary of Award

From classic designs to custom product, MityLite has met commercial furniture needs world-wide with well-designed, durable tables and chairs for nearly 30 years. As the industry standard in banquet, meeting, event and dining furniture, MityLite aims to create a legacy of quality and innovation. MityLite provides the educational market with institutional mobile, portable furniture as well as portable dance flooring.

Contract Highlights: MityLite offering includes:
• Folding Tables (e.g., conference, training, banquet)
• Folding Chairs
• Stacking Chairs (including upholstered)
• Mobile/Portable Flooring
• Mobile/Portable Wall Partitions
• Mobile Staging
• Lecterns/Podiums
• Transportation Carts

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Vendor Extended to Other Community Colleges
Mity-Lite, Inc. Yes

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Graham LaMontagne