Award Details

Solicitation Title: 
Library Furnishings, Installation and Related Services (E&I Award)

Solicitation Number: 
February 13, 2018 to April 30, 2022
Renewal Information: 

Options through 4/30/2025

Brief Summary of Award: 

As part of a competitively awarded contract with AGATI Furniture, E&I members have access to the entire AGATI collection, including study carrels, reading tables, circulation desks, reference seating, lounge furniture, and more. AGATI pieces create a streamlined and cohesive environment while withstanding the rigors of daily student use. From libraries and information commons, to cafes, student lounge areas and lecture halls, AGATI provides tailor-made solutions to meet your day-to-day and custom-built furnishings needs.

Agreement Highlights:
Dedicated nationwide team of representatives
Discounts off list, delivered or installed options
Comprehensive design services, most at no charge
Project management from conception to installation

*Note: Additional Furniture contracts include Office Furniture 1SLE1302, Classroom Furniture 1SLE1303, Premium Office Furniture 188ALC, Renewable Furniture IPHEC1706, Residential Furniture/Student Life 177ALC, and Mobile Portable Furniture IPHEC1707.


VendorExtended to Other Community Colleges
Agati, Inc.YES

IPHEC Contact
Kayci Puckett