Award Details

Solicitation Title: 
Laboratory Supplies and Services (E&I Award)

Solicitation Number: 
October 25, 2018 to June 30, 2023
Renewal Information: 

1, 5-year Renewal

Brief Summary of Award: 

VWR serves as a leading global provider of product and service solutions to laboratory and production customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, education, government, and healthcare industries.

Contract Highlights:
• Tiered participation levels (basic, co-primary, and primary)
• Exclusive general discount structure for E&I members
• Standalone programs (exclusive or furniture)
• Tiered market basket
• Member-specific hotlist
• Access to additional services & technological tools
• Custom pricing options and incentives


*Note: There is an additional Lab Supply award (1AHB1605a) on the main awards page through The Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA)

VendorExtended to Other Community Colleges
VWR International, LLCYES

IPHEC Contact
Kayci Puckett