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Amazon Web Services (Sole Source)
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March 13, 2019 to March 12, 2024
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Current faculty and students frequenting the Universities expect to be able to readily utilize modern Internet and cloud technologies as a part of their education and research endeavors. As the industry leader in public cloud "Infrastructure as a Service" delivery and the platform that much of the modern commercial Internet on, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is in a unique position of being an essential operational tool for the universities for delivering IT services in a more cost effective manner, as well as a crucial education and research tool. The use of AWS as an on demand source of server, storage and network hosting services allows for lower direct IT expense because it allows universities to only use and pay for what they need when they need it, instead of investing in significant infrastructure hardware and support. This is advantageous for IT at all layers within a university, including research and education. Amazon Web Services is a unique product required by the universities to support the core strategic objectives of campuses. Obtaining AWS directly through Amazon allows unique pricing structure and additional discounting opportunities. In addition, a direct solution with AWS allows for universities to save on management (oversight) costs associated with purchases through re-sellers. Re-sellers who do offer AWS services do not offer the same platforms and require that they (the re-seller) manage the service. In doing this, the re-seller is eligible for the additional discounting and credits AWS offers, but this cost savings may not be passed along to the customer.


Amazon is offering additional discounting for spend throughout an agreement period through 5 years. By committing to work with Amazon directly for a 3 plus year period, Universities are able to save an additional 7-11%, varying on their level of spend.


Vendor Extended to Other Community Colleges
Amazon Web Services (AWS) No

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Graham LaMontagne